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Activities and Highlights Activities and resources for students or the general public (see also "Lesson Plans for Educators" below)
About the Sun
  1. Space Weather
  2. News about the Sun
  3. Cool Videos
  4. The Sun's Vital Statistics
  5. Exploring the Sun
  6. Sunspots
  7. Helioseismology and Solar Physics
  8. Multicultural Aspects
  9. The Sun-Earth Connection
  10. Solar Missions and Telescopes
  11. Images of Today's Sun
  12. Collections of Solar Images and Data
  13. Pictures of the Day & Cool Solar Imagery
  14. Glossary
  15. The Sun's Vital Statistics
Solar Art, Music, Photography, Poetry,and Literature
  1. Scientific Images and Animations
  2. Photography
  3. Images by Artists
  4. The Sun in Music
  5. The Sun in Literature
  6. Solar Poetry
Multicultural Approaches
  1. Indigenous American
  2. Australian Aborigine
  3. Mesopotamia
  4. Judaeo-Christian
  5. Other Cultures
  6. Ancient Astronomers (archaeoastronomy)
  7. Rock Art
  8. Solar Symbolism, Ancient and Modern
  9. Great Quotes
  10. Other Resources
Lesson Plans for Educators

Overview of Science Content Standards

  1. Build your own Spectroscope
  2. Teaching Moon Phases
  3. What is Ultraviolet Light? and how to use UV Beads in the Classroom
  4. SID Space Weather Monitor Program
    Obtaining and using scientific instruments for your classroom
  5. Magnetism and Solar Activity
  6. Effects of the Sun on our Planet
  7. Retrieving Solar Images
  8. Galileo and the Spinning Sun
  9. Observing the Sun
  10. Magnetism and the Sun
  11. Interview with Mr. Sol
  12. Sun-Centered Physics
    • (collection of activities from Goddard Space Flight Center)
  13. Are Sunspots Really on the Sun?
  14. Solar Music and the Singing Sun
  15. Quick Quizzes
  16. The Sun on Earth
  17. Art Based on Science
  18. Solar Art, Music, Literature, Poetry
Solar Weather & Effects
  1. Space Weather
  2. Global Warming
  3. Auroras
  4. Space Weather Monitors

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