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Heaven's Light

Playful waves of water
Caught the colors of the sky,
And cast the hues of sunset
Rippling softly in my eyes.

Mesmerizing moments,
Opened...wide to heaven's,
Heaven's light.

Then the lovely moon arose
She shimmered on the sea;
Sunlight beaming from her face,
To playful waves, then me...

Memserizing moments,
Opened...wide to heaven's,
Heaven's light.
Mesmerizing moments,
Opened...wide to heaven's,
Heaven's light...
Mind adrift,
From troubled shores...


[Guitar Solo]

Then the lovely moon arose
She shimmered on the sea;
Sunlight beaming from her face,
To playful waves, then me...

Mesmerizing moments,
Wide to heaven's,
heaven's light...
Mesmerizing moments,
Wide to heaven's, heaven's light...
Mind adrift
from troubled shores...

My mind adrift from
troubled shores...
I feel the gift of heaven's light...
Mmmm Mmmm
Heaven's light... Mmmm

Composed and performed by Cherilynn Morrow and Jeff Ballard

sunset over lake
Image credit: Sunset picture by Frank Cordoba
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Original music composed and performed by lyricist/vocalist Cherilynn Morrow and guitarist Jeff Ballard.

All songs are copyright 2005. All rights reserved.


Through the telescope I observe the Sun,
And I must aver: no, the ancient
But still unanswered key question
Of life's relation to the Sun is not simple.

A flower grows, collecting in its stem
Particles of air, and moisture, and earth.
And in about the same way, playing in forms,
A spot grows, adorning the Sun's face.

Cascades of flares, webs of fibrils,
A waterfall-like sheet of a prominence -
The work of the fire-breathing dragon,
Bathing in plasma, stuns us.

Such harmony of motion exists
In a crystal, a laser, in boiling wax,
The arraying of a row of instants
And positions into a regular network.

We are close to the truth! The mosaic of neurons
Organizes what I took in with a glance:
I think! Bowing, I proffer to the Sun
The Sunlike globe of my head.

by Aleksey Golovko
Senior Researcher of Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia

a windmill sunset
Credit: Environmental Protection Agency
NOAA Photo Library

sunrise from space
Sunrise from Space
Image Credit: Calvin J. Hamilton
How can the sun burst forth
With such an intensity of color
and a deafening of light
Without making a sound?
5th grade student

    sunset painting Brilliance

Brilliant shines the light of the universe on earth

A bouquet of the worlds magnitude
As precious as life
Given as a gift to an ungrateful people

A shimmering array of colors
Showering over the horizon
Indescribably captivating
Unutterably beautiful

No words,
No words can capture
The light of the universe that shines on earth

Art and poetry by Jane Alice Bacon; Warwick, NY


Wind blows sand, high tide, low tide,
Portable radio tintintabulates dissonance on the blanket next to mine...
"Rodney, ya wanna go ho-o-am?"
I don't burn, I tan...
Sol, Gilder of the Greeks, tan me!!

J. Tasker
Los Angeles, CA

And the sunlight clasps the earth,
And the moonbeams kiss the sea:--
What are all these kissings worth,
If thou kiss not me?

From Love's Philosophy by Percy Bysshe Shelley

beautiful sunset



Awake, I went to see
The moment in the sky
Where soon the sun would be.

She wheeled without hurry,
And then -- as she swung high
Above the blue city --

Just then, I saw that she
Beheld her fiery eye
Behold itself in me.


Away from them, we step
Behind the shivering folds of rain.
A single pebble's throw

Away from me, you stop
To drop concentric rings of June
Into the blue below.

Away from me you take
A moment to exist.  Our home
Around us, everyone

Away from us, we talk
And walk without the weight of time,
More slowly than the sun.


When sunsong shook the ceiling dust,
Bringing weeks of stillness down
To rest in wreaths upon the ground,
I dimly wondered what was lost.

Then I recalled a day it rained
For centuries, and looking once
Again at what had gathered since,
I dimly wondered what was gained.


A world of windows opened up,
Though I had nearly closed my mind.
The street blew gold, and at the top
A world of windows opened up
And aired the sky.  A single step


Can one extend a day?
I thought that I had listened
So well.

The stretching city lay
While she (or I) grew distant,

She flung herself away,
Crouched, feline, for an instant,
Then fell.
Marc Barnhill, Brooklyn, NY

Gaze on the days with the eyes
of him or her you love
the sun will never shine
twice,with the same light

J. Raja Pradeep
Tamilnadu, INDIA

Bright and warm, sunshine
Laced with so many things bad.
Still supporting life.

Bruce Schowalter; Roeland Park, KS
(50 Year Old Adult with a Kid's Heart)

Low Tide
low tide

Bent by the rail, taking a drag,
his torn family tight in hand,
a sniffle, a shrug into the moonlit fog.

Kneading the cold out of one hand,
peering into the past held by the other,
musing a faded happiness.

An old man now, gray and crooked,
holding a cane where his staff once was,
a pipe where his cigars had been.

As the winds get stronger,
the sails heavier, 
his ship's coming to land.

The sun sears solemnly,
Laughing and smiling at a lonely man.
But to bed it sinks, golden and wrinkled.

Weak and sad, his anchor's set.
Tears bleeding into the open surf,
his rusted heart dyeing the ocean too.

Head in his hands, legs at his chest,
he kisses and throws his torn family
to sink with his heart at sea.

Benjamin Caplan
Chestnut Hill, MA

beautiful sunset    Sunset

In the throws of approaching night
Casting shadows as by firelight
The burning orb of Daytime's liege
Doth tire from work and slips 'neath
Tis not a leaving of a harried knave
Tis not with tail tucked in shame
Rather in glorious exhibition of benevolent might
Sun bids the world an emblazon g'night

Michael W. May, White Cloud, MI

Helios Rules!
Helios rules above the sky,
Above the mountains, way up high.
Helios shines in white array,
Hanging over mankind's fray.

Helios gives life-giving rays,
For crops and food that we graze.
Helios lightens all the day,
Let's us see where we go or stay.

Helios shines with light so bright,
With water droplets--oh what a sight!
Helios warms the tender cheek,
And comforts weeping and the meek.

John L. Hoh, Jr.


Cascading in a show of lights
the sun slips down to knock at my windows
in shimmering dewdrops
I watch from my bed
nestled in the covers to my chin
as unltraviolet dawn kisses the clouds
staining them rainbow bright
and bleaching them crystal white
as it smiles in golden rays
and sighs across the sky

good morning

Crystal Dawn Suydam
Alvordton, Ohio


I have seen it's beauty and have looked at it's bright colors; but now I see it in all it's glory; like a painted picture; a rainbow of wonderful colors. I have seen it's mystical glow and have felt it's warmth; but now i see it from a field of dandelions, and it is a rising sphere of flaming yellow-orange, distant in the morning, high and blinding at noon, and as a reflector of pastels at sunset. I have a relaxed feeling as the warm colors flow over my body and suddenly a feeling of awe, a feeling of peacefulness, a feeling of life, a feeling of freedom overcomes me. this, i can never forget until tomorrow; when the moment of the sunrise begins again.

C.L. Austin Burns
Naptown, Indiana



The sun weighs a ton
and it is very fun
in six days it was done
and it is still a sun
and there's only one
like it.

Nicholas Davis, Holladay, TN


you brighten up my day
with all those bright rays
you keep us alive
because without you we'd die
you're so pretty the way you sit up in the sky
way up high
you are the reason we have fun
because you're the sun.

Alexis Payner; Texas City, TX

black hole spectrum

The Black Hole

A dent in the galaxy;
A hole on the other side of time
The place to begin where, not what I see,
Rather, what I imagine I see is,
Or what others tell me there is .
I perceive that what I imagine can be;
And believe.

Zeke Abrams

Sunlight Reigns.... beautiful sunset

The break of dawn from moonlit slumber,
Dew dances off the beams.
Peircing into my eyes,
The sun glows on me.
Disappearing into the sun, I glare too long to see,
Images of spots and circles appear right in front of me.
What would it be like to be in space so near,
Blazing fireball, rising steam and lava like ambers I imagine way up there.
I like it just fine on earth with not a worry or care.
Would it crash down one day to end our world?
Can it stay hot forever more?
The sun is a unexplained and unexplored mystery of the sky,
All of us can just stare at it till we get those little spots.
Look into it deeply and just wonder why?
Some questions are unanswerable, some take a little time,
But one day surely someone will have those unsolved questions,
but till then those dark thoughts will halt in time.

Tonya Granger Rutland, VT

bright sunshine

Sun bright in my eyes
Forever glowing for Earth
Don`t look straight at it

Robyn Wagner
Cordova, TN

The Giant
fire and fury
gleaming dominantly over a sea of light
fighting the darkness of the night
seasons glow in the shade of the

Jocelyn Arem
Saratoga Springs, NY

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