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Picture of the Day

Sunset over Richmond
Crepuscular Explosion courtesy Frank Cordoba

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Solar Images and Video

solar prominence
"A Solar Prominence"
solar storm
"A Perfect Solar Storm"

© 2006. Credit and copyright Greg Piepol. Used with permission.
The History of Solar Photography

Photography and astronomy have been inseparable ever since the Daguerre process was presented by scientist Dominique Francois Jean Arago to the French Academy, l'Academie Francaise, in 1839. It is difficult to take photographs in the dark on insensitive plates, so the early results were poor. Read more...

Excerpt from Kirit J. Sheth's book "Imaging and Astronomy". Used with permission.

Solar Photo Gallery
Photograph by Vincent Chan


Viewing and Understanding the Analemma
Photographs by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Analemma at Hephaisteion,
Athens, GreeceAnalemma at Temple of Zeus,
Ancient Nemea, Greece

If you looked at the Sun at the same time each day, from the same place, would it appear at the same location in the sky? If the Earth were not tilted, and if its orbit around the Sun were perfectly circular, then, yes, it would. However, a combination of the Earth's 23.5 degree tilt and its slightly elliptical orbit combine to generate this figure "8" pattern of where the Sun would appear at the same time throughout the year. The pattern is called an analemma. Read More...

Golden Gate Sunrise

SF Sunset

Golden Gate Sunset

SF Sunset

Image Credits: Romeo Durscher

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