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Interview Mr. Sol
Interview Mr. Sol

Have you ever wondered what our star thinks about his (or her?) role up there in the sky? Have you considered what an awesome responsibility it must be, generating all that heat and light from fusion and having so many living beings depending upon you?

Sol really does light up our life. Imagine what he might say if you could interview him. Why don't you do a little research (this web site is a good place to start) and then you and a friend create your own interview with Mr. Sol!

If you come up with a good interview, send it to us and we'll publish it here on the web!

An example


Interview with Mr. Sol

What follows are some sample questions you might use when interviewing our star. I bet you can think of others too!

  • Mr. Sun, how did you become a star?

  • The pressure must be tremendous. What holds you together and keeps you shining?

  • Was there any special class you wanted to be part of?

  • How did you do in your spectral studies?

  • When did you decide to have planets?

  • Do you have trouble keeping the planets in line?

  • How do you feel about the lifeforms on your planets?

  • What's the weather like up there?

  • I hear you like to sing. Can you tell us about this wonderful talent?

  • Do you have any complaints?

  • How do you get along with the other stars in the solar neighborhood?

  • Are you happy with your home galaxy, the Milky Way?

  • What's in the future for you?

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