Fingerprints in Starlight


Summary of Activity:
A chemistry-related enhanced version of the Fingerprints in Sunlight presentation. Designed to introduce spectroscopy to an AP Chemistry high school class. Includes more in-depth understanding of the nature of the atom.

The Resources

Fingerprints in Starlight PowerPoint presentation (pptx)
The primary presentation.

Teachers Guide (pdf)
Details the lesson content, alignment with standards, objectives, identification of resources, assessments, and implementation details.

Goblets of Fire Demonstration (pdf)
Students watch various metals produce flame crystal emissions when heated.

Nested Globes - a Bohr Atom Model (pdf)
A demonstration using clear plastic balls to model the Bohr atom.

Ball, Stick, and Straw Bohr Atom Model (pdf)
A additional demonstration using a styrofoam ball, skewers, and drinking straws to provide a different model of the Bohr atom.

Spectra Student Reference Sheet (pdf)
A reference illustration to help understand hydrogen absoprtion and emission lines (the Balmer series)

Inquiry Questions (pdf)
Assessment - a set of questions relating to the lesson for students to answer.

Inquiry Questions with Answers (pdf)
The answers to the Student Inquiry questions.