Fingerprints in Sunlight

the solar spectrum


Summary of Activity:
A PowerPoint presentation designed to introduce students and teachers in grades 9-12 to spectroscopy. Includes demonstrations and activities to be used to understand spectroscopy and relate it to the nature of the atom. Designed to accompany the Stanford spectroscopes but could be adapted to be used stand-alone. Supporting documents (pdf) describe related activities and demonstrations.

The Resources

Fingerprints in Sunlight PowerPoint presentation (pptx)
The primary presentation.

Nested Globes - a Bohr Atom Model (pdf)
A demonstration using clear plastic balls to model the Bohr atom.

Ball, Stick, and Straw Bohr Atom Model (pdf)
A additional demonstration using a styrofoam ball, skewers, and drinking straws to provide a different model of the Bohr atom.

Spectra Student Reference Sheet (pdf)
A reference illustration to help understand hydrogen absoprtion and emission lines (the Balmer series)