patchwork Sun showing various colors    What Color is the Sun?


  Summary of Activity:
Students and adults alike explore what color the Sun is, address their preconceptions, and use scientific processes from the Next Generation Science Standards to explore this and related questions. Demonstrations and activities are included.
green SDO/AIA image of the Sun in UV      
What color do you think the Sun is?

A web-based exploration of the colors of the Sun.
colorful comic cover      
Comic - What Color is the Sun?

An engaging comic book, designed for elementary and middle school students. Two comic characters, Camilla Corona (a rubber chicken) and Colours O'IRIS (a peacock) explore questions relating to colors of the Sun.

Comic     iPad Version     Spanish Version
colorful SDO/AIA image of Sun in UV      
What Color is the Sun? (pdf)

A full exercise, where students or participants use scientific practices to investigate answers to simple questions such as what color is the Sun, why is the sky blue, what causes orange sunsets, and why the ocean is blue. Includes demonstrations, discussions, and activities. Could be used in a classroom, an informal science event, or as part of a lecture on the Sun.
SDO/AIA  golden image of Sun in UV      
Drive By Science - What Color is the Sun? (pdf)

A cut-down version of the activity above, useful for public science events or as part of a presentation on the Sun. As above, this also includes a demonstration to show why the sky is blue and why sunsets and sunrises are orange.