Tales from Stanford Solar -- a Comic Series

Meet our friends Camilla Corona, a rubber chicken (although she doesn't know that) and Colours O'Iris, a peacock (peacocks are always male, and he knows that). Camilla and Colours are BIG fans of NASA's missions, especially the Solar Dynamics Observatory and IRIS. They also love to figure out the answers to questions, like what color is the Sun, or how do we study the stars. Want to join them in their adventures? Then read on!
Plasma globe cover

Plasma Globes -- How Do They Work?

When you look at those cool plasma globes, have you ever wondered how they work? Colours has, and Camilla knows the answers. Do you?

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What Color is the Sun cover

What Color is the Sun?

Have you ever wondered what color the Sun is? Sometimes it looks yellow, sometimes orange, and sometimes white. Or, do you know why the sky is blue? Colours is confused about this as well, and he askss Camilla for help in figuring it out. What to see how they do it?

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Secrets in Sunlight Color cover

Secrets in Sunlight

Colours wants to study the stars, so he thinks he'll get a telescope. Camilla says he needs something else in addition to a telescope. What do you think that is? Find out!

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What is Color cover

What is Color?

When you were 11, did you ever ask someone what color is? Want to see how we answered that question?

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Light, Energy, and the EM Spectrum cover

Light, Energy, and the EM Spectrum

Do you get bored, or even scared, when you hear the words "electromagnetic spectrum"? If so, maybe you'd like to try reading about how Camilla and Colours figure out what that is.

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