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Inspired by the work of Dale Eldred, Thomas Lindsey draws on his background as an architect and sculptor to develop a series of large solar-powered installations. Each of these installations is made of a kinetic wheel, cone, or drum activated by a set of photovoltaic solar cells. A tracking device will be used to direct the cells at the sun's path. By using solar energy as a power source, Lindsey hopes to encourage the use of environment-friendly energy sources as the issue of global warming becomes more urgent. Lindsey also plans to include musical compositions as elements in his constructions.

Utilizing the idea of a Buddhist prayer wheel, Lindsey's work is ultimately intended to serve as a contemporary shrine or meditation garden. Through his art, Lindsey aims to promote a greater awareness and appreciation of the biospiritual Earth-Sun relationship.

To learn more, read Tom Lindsey's Artists' Statement.

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solarworks modelsolarworks modelsolarworks model
solarworks sketch solarworks sketchsolarworks sketch

solarworks sculpture solarworks sculpture solarworks sculpture

solarworks sculpture solarworks sculpture solarworks sculpture


Image Credits: All images courtesy of Thomas Lindsey.


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