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Solar Research and Observatories Space Weather, Climate, and Biosphere



Frequently Asked Questions about Astronomy and Astronomers

Fun Astronomy Sites
  • Space Solitaire-Heroes of Space & Flight
    Need a fun and relaxing game activity? Try Space Solitaire - an online special edition that features historical facts on everyone from the Wright Brothers to Laika the Dog to Sally Ride, and more! It's educational and a fun entertainment source for space and aviation lovers. And it's completely free!
  • Mark Maimone's Space Links.


Databases, Astronomical Catalogs, and Star Maps


Other Space Science
  • Space Elevators and Astronomy
    A Space Elevator is a proposed type of Earth-to-space transportation system, often depicted in science fiction. It would be a cable anchored to the surface and extending into space. A cabin would ride up and down the cable, taking humans, supplies, and even satellites to space above the Earth. Thanks to Cora G. for suggesting this resource!
  • NASA's High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
  • Astronomy in Media
    "An article that dives into the relationship between film and science. Every aspect of space and astronomy combines to form the backbone of sci-fi, influencing this genre's narratives, aesthetics, and impact on us as an audience. 'Astronomy in Media' unveils how space exploration has impacted the media, showcases famous astronauts and astronomers, and breaks down some of the best astronomy-related movies and TV shows." Thank you to Hailey Tanner for suggesting this resource!
  • The Role of Data Science in Astronomy and Interstellar Exploration
    Data science, the study of data to extract meaningful insights for organizations, is making a meaningful contribution to space technology. "Being able to gather, understand, and use lots of data has helped us get to know the universe better and has changed how we explore and move through space. This website examines how important data science is in space technology and how it is changing our journey into space." Thanks to Amelia for letting us know of this resource!
  • Sleeping Under Stars & Planets
    There are "countless stars, eight recognized planets, and many other smaller planetary bodies, including comets, asteroids, and dwarf planets [that] make up what we know to be our solar system". This extensive list of resources provides an introduction to our night sky and what we are able to see. Thanks to Maria for pointing out this resource!

Organizations and Journals

Science Museums
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