Build a Spectroscope - Activity

FRONT (Note: punch out versions are now available, rather than cut-out )



Have your students build a working spectroscope to the study the nature of light. Recommended for students grade 5 and over. Half of the poster is cut out, folded, and taped to build the spectroscope. Instructions for constructing the spectroscope are on the flip side of the poster. Curriculum and classroom activities are available in the document at bottom.

Classroom sets of the spectroscope posters, 45 posters per set along with diffraction gratings, can be sent to U.S. teachers for just the cost of shipping. The current shipping charge is $7.00 per classroom set.

For credit card (VISA or MasterCard) transactions for class room sets only please click here

You may also send a personal check or money order made payable to STANFORD UNIVERSITY for the proper amount and mailed to:

        Stanford Solar Center
	Stanford University
	452 Lomita Mall, Room 126
	Stanford, CA 94305-4085

Please remember to include your school address as well as number of classroom sets (maximum of 8 sets per teacher) you wish to order.

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