Susanne Ashby
Curriculum Specialist, NASA Ames Research Center

What is my job: I create educational multimedia materials for students and teachers to use to learn more about science. I design the content that is found on some of NASA's multimedia software (like Exploring Aeronautics ). I also write the words that appear on screen and the words you hear on some of NASA's educational CD-ROMs.

How did I get here: I usually drive, but sometimes I ride my bike to work. Oh! I got a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and taught elementary school for 14 years before I started developing educational multimedia materials for NASA Ames Research Center.

What is the most exciting thing about my job: The cool science stuff I get to see and do is very exciting. Also, the interesting people I meet (like astronomers, helicopter pilots, wind tunnel researchers) make this job so much fun!

What my workday is like: I spend some of the day reading about science research and about the best ways to teach. I meet with people to discuss ideas for new multimedia products. Quiet work time is spent creating the educational materials at my computer during part of the day. Sometimes I teach teachers about NASA education and sometimes I work with students in science.

Projects I'm working on: I wrote the instructional materials for this Web site and I'm just finishing up a CD-ROM about the FAA and air traffic control (You'll see that CD-ROM at a kiosk in airports.) I'm also working on a cool Web site about the wind tunnels at NASA Ames Research Center in California.

Why did I pick this as a career: Doing the work I do is highly creative and very challenging. I love creating new and fun ways for people to learn. I also believe in the power of education to change people for the better and to give them greater opportunities.

Claim to Fame: Guided a raft through the world's longest river tunnel (Shotover River,New Zealand).
Favorite Bands/Music: Beatles, Cake, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Dixie Chicks, Diana Krall, Strauss waltzes, acoustic guitar music
Favorite Food: chocolate cake
Favorite movie: Contact and The Music Man and Antonio's Line and Field of Dreams and Shakespeare in Love and Pete's Dragon and . . . .
Favorite book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle and The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss

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