Sun Track Diorama

solar season model
Photo by Ginger Armstrong, Kelseyville, CA

Models of the tracks of the Sun at the equinoxes and solstices, developed by Deborah Scherrer, Barbara Scherrer, and Ginger Armstrong.

solar season model
Photo by Ben Buress, Chabot Space and Science Center

The diorama simulates the tracks across the sky of the Sun at summer solstice (longest track), winter solstice (shortest track), and the spring and fall equinoxes (medium track). A bead simulutes the Sun moving from rising along eastern horizon to setting on wester. The bead can be moved from track to track to explain the solstices and equinoxes.

My program was a guided walk through the park and the topic was the winter solstice. ... I copied a diorama used by Dr. and Mrs. Scherrer during the training that demonstrated the sun's position in the sky at different times of the year. This became my most effective teaching tool. Everyone loved the diorama!" Cidney Webster, National Park Service

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