WC03 - "As the Sun Burns"

Air Date: October 12, 1999

Hosted by Paul Mortfield

"As the Sun Burns" will discuss the affects of the invisible ultra-violet (UV) rays emitted by the sun. These are the rays that cause our skin to burn and affect global warming. Paul's guest experts are a Solar Scientist an Opthamologist, and a Dermatologist who will explain the affects of these rays and how we can best protect ourselves.

The classroom activities provide an exciting level of investigation using (inexpensive to order) UV sensitive beads. The investigations test the beads with various levels of sunscreen protection, and can test the quality of UV protecting sunglasses. Surprises await when using the beads on cloudy days.

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Solar Scientist: Aimee Norton, Stanford University

Dermatologist: Recia Bloomenkranz, Private Practice

Opthamologist: Tom Berard, Stanford University Medical Center

Curriculum and Classroom Activities:

Click on the grade Level to get the desired PDF file of activities for your class.

These classroom materials have been developed by NASA Curriculum Specialist, Susanne Ashby.

Grade Level Curriculum / Class Activity
Grades 2-4 UV Beads Experiment
Grades 5-8 Experiments with UV beads, sunglasses and sunscreen..
Grades 9-12 UV Beads Experiment. Write a report on Global Warming, ozone. UV effects on plants and animals (biology).

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