Recia Blumenkranz

What is my job: I am a Dermatologist (a skin doctor)

Why did I pick this as a career: I decided to go to medical school in high school because I loved biology. Once there, I chose Dermatology because it's varied and it's such a visual field of medicine. I get to see what I treat!.

What my workday is like: I spend my days seeing patients of all different ages and with many different skin problems.

What is most exciting thing about my job: It really is different every day and every year there are new ways of treating old conditions..

Hobbies (outside of work): I like running and gardening. I spend a lot of time driving my kids around and helping out at their schools.

How did I get here: I went to college at Brown University in Rhode Island. After college I attended 4 years of medical school (2 at Stanford and 2 at the University of Miami in Florida). After graduating from medical school I did an internship in Internal Medicine and then 3 years of residency in Dermatology at the University of Miami..

Claim to fame: Mom of three great kids.
Favorite Band/Music: the Beatles/ classical
Favorite Food: sushi
Favorite Movie: Too many to think of. Last year I liked Ulee's gold.
Favorite Book: Right now the Harry Potter books! Others- books by Anne Tyler, Snow on Cedars, Angelas Ashes.