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March 21, 2007
A solar flare in the chromosphere, recorded by JAXA's Hinode spacecraft on Jan. 12, 2007
New Phenomena on the Sun (NASA Feature)

NASA has just released never-before-seen movies of intense activity in an unexpected place on the sun. The images were captured by a space telescope onboard Japan's Hinode spacecraft.


March 12, 2007
STEREO images of lunar eclipse
Stereo Eclipse
(NASA Feature)

No human has ever witnessed a solar eclipse quite like this: NASA's STEREO-B spacecraft was about a million miles from Earth last month when it photographed the Moon passing in front of the sun. The resulting movie looks like it came from an alien solar system.


Image Credit: NASA/STEREO

March 5, 2007
A close up of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light taken by STEREO's Extreme Ultraviolet Imager.
'Space Weather' Forecasting Gets a Cosmic Boost (Washington Post)

Weather forecasting just isn't what it used to be.


Image Credit: NASA/NRL

March 3, 2007
solar storms- new scientist article
Batten Down the Hatches, Solar Flare Headed This Way (New Scientist)

Reliable forecasting will ensure that solar storms no longer wreak havoc here on Earth.

Read More (PDF)

March 1, 2007
Lunar Eclipse
Two Eclipses, One Observed Only by NASA (STEREO Mission News)

That’s right! The Moon is the central figure in two different kinds of eclipses within one week.


Video Clip: Lunar transit of the sun seen from STEREO

Image Credit: NASA

Stone temple at Chankillo
Ancient Solar Observatory Discovered (

The oldest solar observatory in the Americas has been discovered in coastal Peru, archeologists announced today.


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