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patchwork Sun showing various colors    Magnetism and Solar Activity


  Summary of Activity:
Here we have a Powerpoint presentation and extensive teacher guide to "Magnetism and Solar Activity". The presentation includes many descriptive videos and animations. It was initially developed as a hands-on high school teacher workshop to be given in Developing Nations where resources relating to the Sun were often not available. The presentation has been adapted for middle and high school science teachers to give to their students.

This is not a full introduction to magnetism. The focus is on aspects of magnetism most relevant to the understanding of the Sun and solar activity. The unit includes 4 sections and 8 exploratory, hands-on activities. The Teacher Guide includes extensive commentary for most slides as well as complete instructions for doing the various activities.

magnetic field around a bar magnet      
Magnetism and Solar Activity (pptx)
solar coronal loops      
Teacher Guide to Magnetism and Solar Activity (pdf)

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