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Exploring the Sun

solar xray image YOHKOH Movie Theater
Take a multimedia tour of the Sun using fabulous x-ray images and movies brought to you by the Yohkoh Public Outreach Project. A fabulous site -- you won't be disappointed!
eit solar image The Sun
Extensive introduction to our star, the Sun. Includes educators guides and many dynamic images and videos, including supercomputer simulations of convention. By Calvin Hamilton
See the Sun in Action
The Sun is a very dynamic object. Variations in solar features occur on time-scales from milliseconds to millennia. These pages illustrate some aspects of our ever-changing Sun. You'll see moving images (animated gifs) of the sun rotating, the Sun's magnetic field changing over the last 6 years, and magnetic field flares looping out of active regions. (No mpeg/movie viewer needed for this site either!) By David Hathaway of NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center.
solar prominence A Tour Through the Virtual Sun
These web pages come complete with videos (mpeg) and lovely images of the Sun, inside and out. You'll see solar flames larger than ten earths, winds going 1000 mph, and you'll find out what might evenutally happen to the earth when our Sun begins to die.

The duration of this journey is about 20 minutes, and you can go through it in either Dutch or English. The tour contains several MPEG movies, with a movie help page if you need it. Produced by Michiel Berger.

red sun The Sun
A wonderful resource for exploring the Sun. Includes pointers to many other intriguing sites relating to the Sun! By Jack Troeger.
cutaway of solar interior From Core to Corona: Layers of the Sun and
The Solar Wind
Lots of intriguing pictures and diagrams explain fusion and the energy processes in, and relating to, the Sun. Great for middle to high school kids, or the most eager elementary ones!
solar eclipse A Pictorial Introduction to the Sun
A collection of some 20 slides showing an overview of solar images. Includes views of the Sun in various parts of the spectrum, sunspots, granulation, prominences, total eclipses, coronal mass ejections, the sunspot "butterfly" diagram, and the corona. Each image includes descriptive text. Written by P. Charbonneau and O.R. White of the High Altitude Observatory in Boulder, Colorado.
solar flare The Sun
A discussion of what we know about the Sun and how we know it. Includes wonderful descriptions of aspects such as luminosity, nuclear fusion, and solar modelling. Great introduction to solar physics for the high school level. By Davison E. Soper, University of Oregon.
solar symbol The Sun
A quick overview of the Sun. By Bill Arnett
UV light UV Light
An overview of the different kinds of UV radiation and their effects.
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