Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is lots of fun. To play, you'll have to think hard about the questions on this page, and then fly off to search for the answers on some of the other pages. If you find all of the right answers, we'll put your name on the web so everyone will be able to see what a genius you are!

The answers are hiding on some of the other pages, just waiting for you to discover them!


1. How many Earths would it take to span the Sun's diameter?

2. What kind of "rivers" were recently discovered on the Sun?

3. Which animals argued over Day and Night?

4. What objects on the Sun can be used to track its rotation?

5. What is the name of the spacecraft which is orbiting the Sun and provides the data for our SOLAR Center?

----- If you are in grades K-5, you can stop here. -----

6. What types of solar images can be used to track the Sun's rotation (name at least 2)?

7. What's the "green flash"?

8. What kind of solar activity can knock out your favorite satellite TV channel?

9. In which Shakespearean drama might the author have been dramatizing the struggle between those who believed the Sun went around the Earth, and those who believed the Earth went around the Sun?

10. What is this?

----- If you are in grades 6-8, you can stop here. -----

11. Since we can't "hear" the sounds coming from the Sun, what other property of the Sun do scientists use to measure them?

12. Below are 2 Dopplergrams from MDI. What important feature of the Sun needs to be "subtracted" from the first image to be able to study the second image? (You'll need to infer the answer from information on the web site. Good luck!)


13. Is the Sun's corona hotter than its surface? (If you can tell us why, we'd like to hear from you!)


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