Helioseismology Tours
Helio -- what ? .... Helioseismology

"Helioseismology" is just a fancy way to say that we can learn about the Sun by "listening" to it. Astonomers listen to the Sun's heartbeat to learn about the inside of the Sun, just like seismologists learn about the interior of the Earth by "listening" to earthquakes. (But for helioseismologists their job is a lot tougher: like figuring out how a piano is made by listening to it fall down the stairs!)

Solar physicists are quite happy about the new techniques, methods, and results provided by helioseismology. If you are in the dark about this fascinating new solar physics field, don't worry! Astronomers in recent years have been creating Web-based helioseismology tutorials and tours to teach people of all ages and educational backgrounds. Here we provide links to some of those helioseismology educational World Wide Web sites.