Three-Legged Rabbit


Title: Three Legged Rabbit
Tribe: Western Rocky
Region: Rocky Mts.
Objects: Sun, Moon, Stars

A three legged rabbit made himself a fourth leg from wood. The rabbit thought the Sun was too hot for comfort so he went to see what could be done. He went east at night to the place where the Sun would rise. When the Sun was half way up the Rabbit shot it with an arrow. As the Sun lay wounded on the ground the Rabbit took the white of the Suns eyes and made the clouds. He made the black part of the eyes into the sky, the kidneys into stars, and the liver into the Moon, and the heart into the night. "There!" said the Rabbit, "You will never be too hot again."


Background was created by Brad Snowder of the Western Washington University Planetarium .
Legend adaption courtesy of Starlore of Native America, assembled by Brad Snowder.

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