Our web site provides a collection of multi-disciplinary, interactive exercizes and activities based on the Sun and solar science. We've geared these to 4-12 grade students, but interested adults might be intrigued as well. What follows is an overview of the activites you'll find here.

Educators: If you do any of our activities in the classroom, we can arrange to send you enough SOHO Posters for your entire group.

We encourage your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for new projects. Thanks!

Visit From Now On for information and resources on integrating technology into learning environments.

Hidden Pictures

An Interview with Mr. Sol

Retrieving Solar Images

The Spinning Sun

Sunspot Races

Are Sunspots Really on the Sun?

Understanding the Solar Scale

Observing the Sun

Galileo Challenge

Hearing the Sun

Solar Granulation Quiz

Sunspot Quiz

Earth-based Solar Phenomena

Global Warming

Art Based on Science

Student-Produced Solar Art

Multicultural Solar Interpretations

Lesson Template courtesy of the Science Education Gate-way, Center for EUV Astrophysics at UC Berkeley

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