Helio- and Asteroseismology


Who are we?

The authors

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A little about IFA and TAC :

The Institute of Physics and Astronomy (IFA) is a part of the University of Aarhus. The institute covers a broad range of physics disciplines, including the astronomy group.

The Theoretical Astrophysics Center (TAC) is financed by the Danish National Research Foundation (Danmarks Grundforskningsfond), initially for a 5-year period from its start in February 1994. TAC has departments at the Niels Bohr Institute for Astrophysics, Physics, and Geophysics, at Copenhagen University, and at IFA. TAC's director is Professor Igor Novikov, Copenhagen. The department in Århus occupies itself primarily with the study of the structure and oscillations of the Sun and other stars.

Other members of the local group:

  • Søren Frandsen (Associate Professor, IFA)
  • Sarbani Basu (Post doc., TAC)
  • Sylvain Turcotte (Post doc., TAC)
  • Rasmus Munk Larsen (PhD student, Department of Computer Science and IFA)
  • Michael Viskum (PhD student, IFA)
  • Torben Arentoft (student, IFA)
  • Hans Bruntt (student, IFA)
  • Bo Hedemark Pedersen (student, IFA)

Primary collaborators elsewhere :

  • Åke Nordlund, Copenhagen
  • Robert F. Stein, Michigan, USA
  • Michael J. Thompson, Rachel Howe, London, England
  • Yvonne Elsworth, Birmingham, England
  • Douglas Gough, Takashi Sekii, Cambridge, England
  • Anni Baglin, Eric Michel, Paris, France
  • Sylvaine Turck-Chieze, Saclay, France
  • Fernando Perez Hernandez, Tenerife, Spain
  • Sylvain Korzennik, Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge (Mass.), USA
  • Tim Brown, Colin Rosenthal, Steve Tomczyk, Juri Toomre, Boulder (Col.), USA
  • Jesper Schou, Phil Scherrer, Sasha Kosovichev, Stanford (Calif.), USA
  • Werner Däppen, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (Calif.), USA
  • Tim Bedding, Sydney, Australia
The group also participates actively in the GONG and SoHO projects, and projects concerning simultaneous observations of stellar oscillations from many telescopes. We plan to also participate in the French COROT project to observe stellar oscillations by satellite.

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