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Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008

The Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008

solar eclipse corona
Image of the solar corona taken during the 2008 total eclipse (click to enlarge).
© 2008 Miloslav Druckmüller, Peter Aniol, Vojtech Rušin.
Reproduced with permission.

caution sign CAUTION: Never look directly at the Sun!
Never look at the Sun through binoculars or telescope unless you have the proper filters!

You can safely observe a TOTALLY eclipsed Sun with your eyes. However, for observing the beginning and ending of an eclipse, or for a partial eclipse, you will need a pinhole camera, an appropriate type of welder's glass, or special Mylar glasses to observe the Sun safely.

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News and Press Releases of the 1 August 2008 Solar Eclipse


Images of the 1 August, 2008 Solar Eclipse

Gallery 1 - NASA
Gallery 2 - Exploratorium
Gallery 3 - Yahoo News
Gallery 4 -
Gallery 5 - National Geographic
Gallery 6 - Sky and Telescope
Gallery 7 - Williams College Eclipse

Predictions of the eclipse
Predictions of the coronal shape
Magnetohydrodynamic prediction of the corona
Lunar limb profile

Other Web Sites on the August 2008 Eclipse

nasa logoThe NASA eclipse website

exploratorium eclipse logo The Exploratorium presents live online images and programs on the evening before as well as during the eclipse.

Description of the August 1 eclipse eclipse page


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