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Question 1

What is the temperature of a solar granule (bubble) compared to the dark intergranular network that surrounds the bubble? (See granulation pattern at top of page.)



Question 2

The lifetime of an average granule is:

About 20 hours.
About 10 minutes.
About 1 minute.


Question 3

In the following list, what is the physical mechanism of solar granules most like?

A pot of bubbling fudge.
Ripples on a pond.
Coals in an outdoor barbeque.


Question 4

Hot and bright solar granules are observed to "explode" and spew their material into the rarified solar atmosphere at a speed of perhaps 1000 miles per hour (or about 500 meters per second). Roughly what percentage of solar granules are "exploders"?

40 percent.
10 percent.
70 percent.


Question 5

If we could hear sound across the vacuum of space (which we can't), would we hear exploding granules?



Question 6

Select an object in size comparable to a solar granule:

A House.
The State of Texas.
Our Moon.


Question 7

In the early 1960s, solar observations using dopplergrams found a cellular pattern distributed uniformly over the Sun with a mean cell size of about 30,000 kilometers. These large cell patterns are called supergranules. Is the flow direction of supergranules the same as the flow direction of granules?



Question 8

The lifetime of an average supergranule is:

A day to a week.
About a month.
About six months.

Question 9

If you scale the following shapes to sub-solar-scales, what shape is most similar to the length-width-height shape of an average supergranule?

A cube.
A vertical support beam for a freeway overpass.
A pancake.

Would you like to learn more about solar granulation? You may read what some of the granulation researchers are discovering.

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