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Christopher Reynolds and Urrealism

Many cultures do not separate their spiritual, psychological, artistic and "scientific" thinkings. There is always a "Spirit of the Times" that influences the creations and perceptions of a culture. This means that, for any given cultural time and place, one finds a remarkable similarity between what creators in all fields are finding and doing. We can think of this as the guiding or living mythology of the culture, and it affects the way its people create their art, music, science, and worldviews.

When the Copernican revolution removed Earth from the center of the universe, this concept repeated itself in many fields of human endeavor. The realization that is slowly dawning and repeating itself through our modern cultures now is the knowledge that even the Sun is in an orbit around a center of more than 100 billion suns. Through expanding our vision, we learn there is more than one way of knowing and expressing truth.

The shift from an absolute conception of truth to the realization of many conceptions of truth is echoed by Christopher Reynolds and other creative individuals who call themselves urrealists (something like an updated version of Surrealism). "We consider the cosmos and all that is in it to be a work of art. Urrealist practice deepens the experience of the natural world and we find this pleroma is just as much a form of inspiration and language as the art of humanity."

Listen to Christopher Reynolds' cosmology- and solar-symbolism music, and read more about the urrealist thoughts at

"What has gently guided our entire history,
the history of our sun,
is a tremendous light of lights.
The center is just beyond our perception.
When we see through
what separates us from the center,
we catch a new glimpse
of what has always been and what is.
This center reminds us of how precious and small we are.
It calls us to reverence for life."

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