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A Modern Solar Myth

By Eugene C. Walworth

In early times when Terra was but an infant, she had many children who knew no better than to be cruel to one another. Mother Earth became her name as she gracefully aged but she still was unable to teach her children the beauty of life. She searched and searched for an answer but as she spoke with some of her children, others would continue with their cruel ways.

Mother Earth decided that she should consult Father Sun and together they may find a solution. Eons passed with many a thought and all this time the children became more cruel. They didn't like where they lived. They didn't like their appearance. They didn't like how they spoke. They didn't like anything because of how different they all were. Even though, Mother Earth explained that that was the beauty of her children.

Finally, Mother Earth and Father Sun decided that the children needed a guardian. A guardian that was patient, strong, understanding and not the same as the children. A creature that was gifted with those assests from both Mother Earth and Father Sun. They called their guardian a DRAGON. Many dragons were birthed from the union of Mother Earth and Father Sun. Some say this union was known as the "BIG BANG". Whatever name given to the birthing of the dragons; guardians they became.

Many dragons shrouded the children of Mother Earth and it was only the dragons who brought calm and understanding to the children. This was not done quickly for the dragons watched and listened to those children who were placed in their fold. As time aged, the children aged and understanding grew from knowledge. Knowledge about the other children and knowledge and patience and understanding from their guardians. Mother Earth and Father Sun were pleased with the dragons for there was no way, or so they thought, that children could harm the dragons. Physically-NO! BUT, there is always one or two or more who as they aged in knowledge and understanding would begin to reject the dragons. Because, they felt that they had surpassed the intelligence of the dragons and because of their own reasoning, they turned many of the children away from the dragons. Not all at first!

The children who deerly loved the dragons would seek the protection of the dragons when the children who felt that they were better than not only the dragons but also Mother Earth and Father Sun came to invade them with harsh words and taunting and disbelief. As time evolved, the few children who still believed decided that it was safer to agree with the other children rather than be subjected to their cruel attrocities. This was the one weapon against the dragons that Mother Earth and Father Sun had not forseen. The weapon of disbelief!

The more children who drifted toward the disbelievers caused many of the dragons to retaliate with the breath given them by Father Sun. But, there were to many disbelivers. Father Sun and Mother Earth needed to find a home for their dragon children. The dragons did so much for Mother Earth and Father Sun and for the children who decided to rule themselves. Mother Earth wanted her children to remember the dragons. Father Sun agreed. So together they would not only let the rebellious children see the dragons new home, they would also be reminded of their cruelity toward each other when such encounters would occur.

The dragons now live together in a constellation in the polar region of the northern hemisphere near Cepheus and Ursa Major. The constellation is known as DRACO. The one thing that the dragons gave back to Father Sun was their breath. Father Sun uses it to remind the children of their cruelity toward each other. The dragon's breath is now known as a solar flair. Mother Earth has not stood by silently. She will shift and move to show her discontent of the rejection that she and Father Sun and yes, the dragons received. These moments are known as NATURAL DISASTERS.

So remember, when the earth shifts, the waters flow and the solar flares fly; look toward the constellation of DRACO. For we have driven our understanding away. When we all plead for the dragons to return then and only then will the letters following the "C" in cruelty change its form to courtesy. Until then, watch the dragons breath. The more we see it, the longer the time will be for..............


copyright 2000 , used with permission
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