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Solar Flare Report Form

Use a different form for every flare you are tracking

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What flare did you choose to look for in the SID data?

Date in UT (Universal Time) of your solar flare:
For example, 2016-07-23

Time in UT of your flare:
For example, 15:16

Class (strength) of your flare:
For example, M6.7

Active region of your flare:
For example, 2565

Did you find your flare in the SID data?

Which monitors picked up your flare and what station were they each monitoring? (list all)
For example, WSO-NAA, USU-HWU, AGO-HML,, etc.

Did your flare come from a region that started on the farside (back side) of the Sun?

If you found your active region on the farside, when did the active region that caused your flare first appear on the Sun:
e.g. 2016.07.03

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Congratulations!!! You've completed your flare report. We'll check your data and, if you have indeed found a flare, we'll send you a certificate acknowledging your report. So, we need your email address:

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