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A Study of the Effects of Sunrise and Sunset on the Ionosphere as Observed by VLF Wave Behavior by Leandra Merola, South Side High School, Rockville Centre, New York

Leandra Merola, a high school student at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, New York USA, undertook a three-month research project to study the sunrise and sunset signatures collected by her SID monitor. Her teacher was Richard Kurtz and she was supported by mentors Nick Gross, of the Center for Integrated Space-weather Modeling; Don Rice, Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences, Utah State University; and Miriam Forman, at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Ms. Merola defined her own project, set up the SID monitor, captured data for several months, and undertook analyses of how solar-induced changes to the ionosphere affected the sunrise and sunset signatures of VLF waves propagating through the ionosphere. Her project was entered in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search competition, "America's oldest and most highly regarded pre-college science competition -- often referred to as the junior Nobel Prize! Her work was also selected to be presented at the Regional Round of the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, a highly-competitive gathering where she won third place out of 120 students!

Tracing Particles from the Sun to the Earth's Ionosphere by Sophie Murray, SS Astrophysics, Dublin College, Dublin Ireland

Sophie Murray, an astrophysics senior at Dublin College, Ireland, worked with her professor Peter Gallagher to study data from their AWESOME monitor. She analyzed data for evidence of lightning strikes, called sferics, and solar activity. Her project also included an analysis of the sunrise/sunset effects from her data. She says she enjoyed her final year project on AWESOME so much that she intends to go into that field of research!

Sample Sunrise/Sunset Activity Sheets

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Pre-activity Survey
Data Analysis Sheet

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