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What are the Requirements for an AWESOME Monitor?

  • Access to power
  • An AWESOME monitor from Stanford. Often we can provide assistance with installation.
  • A PC with the following minimal specifications:
    • Includes Windows XP
    • Internet link
    • Good quality DVD burner necessary if you do not have an adequate internet link
    • Pentium 4 or equal speed processor
    • At least 512MB Ram -- the more ram there is, the more frequency channels you can monitor.
    • A large hard drive - for storing large amounts of broadband data when needed. 1.5GB per hour of broadband data fills it fast unless you are rapidly burning it to DVD
    • It is also important that you get a large tower that has open PCI slots (for the A/D card) as opposed to one of the "slimmer, thinner" desktop designs which sometimes do not have any.
  • An inexpensive antenna that you build yourself
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