Why did you pick solar physics as a job?

This answer is courtesy of Tom Duvall, (NASA-Goddard and the Solar Oscillations Investigations at Stanford University).

I picked solar physics as a job for several reasons. I have a talent for physics and math, which is useful in solar physics. It also gives me the opportunity to work in the Space Program (I work for NASA) by analyzing data from the SOHO satellite and helping design robotic missions for the next decade.

I first got interested in the Space Program when I was in the fifth grade, as Alan Shephard became the first American in space. Solar physics is interesting work and pays well. There are always new things to learn about the sun. Sometimes I get to travel to exotic places (I have been to the South Pole five times) as part of my job. And, in fact, a couple of solar physicists have flown on the Space Shuttle, so who knows, maybe I will get to go into space someday. If you think you might be interested in solar physics as a job, I would suggest studying hard in school as good grades are very important for your future success.

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Special Thanks to T. Duvall.