Medicine Wheel Activities

Foamboard and Pebble Medicine Wheel Model

foam board and
pebble Medicine Wheel model
Photo by Ben Buress, Chabot Space and Science Center

A foamboard and pebble model of the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, developed by Shannon Lee from Dr. Jack Eddy's diagram

Dr. Jack Eddy's
Medicine Wheel diagram

Sun Track Diorama

solar season
Photo and Native American design by Ginger Armstrong

Model of the tracks of the Sun at the equinoxes and solstices, developed by Deborah Scherrer and Barbara Scherrer. Instructions

My program was a guided walk through the park and the topic was the winter solstice. ... I copied a diorama used by Dr. and Mrs. Scherrer during the training that demonstrated the sun's position in the sky at different times of the year. This became my most effective teaching tool. Everyone loved the diorama!" Cidney Webster, National Park Service

A Simple Chalk-and-String Wheel
The Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California has designed an activity to build your own simple Medicine Wheel on your schoolyard, using only string and chalk. See Sunwatchers of the Southwest Of course, you could always add rocks!

Classroom Medicine Wheel Activities by D. Barnett of the University of Saskatchewan. A collection of inside- and outside-the-classroom Medicine Wheel projects and discussion topics. A Reason for the Season
A National Geographic activity about seasons.

UMASS medicine wheel
Photograph by Judy Young.

A Large and Elaborate Wheel at UMass Professor Judith S. Young at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has built a standing-stones based medicine wheel on the university campus. See A Sunwheel for the Campus

A medicine wheel constructed by teachers at Marcus Whitman High School in Rushville, New York

Whitman High School
A medicine wheel 28 feet in diameter, constructed by Pete Saracino and John Fiori, teachers at Marcus Whitman High School in Rushville, New York.
Featured on Earth Science Picture of the Day

Photo taken by Al Suffredini.

VCSU medicine wheel

VCSU's Medicine Wheel
Dr. Joe Stickler at the Department of Science, Valley City State University in Valley City, ND and his 1992 Astronomy class built their own medicine wheel. See Valley City State University Medicine Wheel

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